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3/15/10 KMA Allied has joined forces with the International Hyperhidrosis Association. In conjunction with the IHHA, they will co-promote the antiperspirant products to all their international member support system.

5/7/09 KMA Allied, now will co-promote the Theraworx brand; with a focus on the Urology, Women's Health, OB/Gyn, Dermatology and Infectious Disease within the hospital market. Therawork brand is owned by g3 Medical.

3/6/09 announces the endorsement of Mon Ray Antiperspirant as the product of choice for hyperhydrosis patients.

2/12/09 KMA Allied announces the re-launch of their athletes foot treatment: 2-22 with new marketing campaign.

1/28/09 KMA Allied announces the launch of Unguistat Toe Nail Fungus Treatment. KMA launches their 2 oz. product focusing on Dermatologist, Podiatrist and Nail Technician markets.

1/5/09 KMA announces the launch of their newest product Vermistat for OTC Ringworm treatment.




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